Lucky Lucky


"Jumbo Technology Co., Ltd. proudly introduces
its latest gaming experience; the Lucky Lucky
Jackpot series. Our new and exciting mystery
jackpot hits at random, surprising slot players
with unexpected cash windfall. Imagine you're
playing at the casino, sitting at your favourite
slot machine, and out of the blue, you were
awarded with a mystery jackpot? And this
happens without even having a winning
combination or leaving the comfort of your
playing station. Lucky Lucky Jackpot can hit
anytime! It can happen on any machine! As
long as you keep playing our high performing
Jumbo slot games.


Lucky Lucky Jackpot embraces state of the
art graphics and combines the best of our
latest games' experience. With Lucky Dragons,
Lucky Phoenix, Lucky Qilin and Lucky Lion,
the 3-4 levels mystery jackpot is indeed
the real deal. Lucky Lucky Jackpot is no doubt
a mystery jackpot that adds unpredictability
to our top range video slots. With so much
cash-in, jackpots build-up rapidly. But
ultimately, the real fun starts with the
element of surprise.