Brazilian Bingo Dragon Win

Machine Features

  1. 121.5" Full HD touch Screen.
  2. 2High fidelity Sound system, TITO (Ticket in/Ticket out) same as Casino operation.
  3. 3Certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Game and System Features

  1. 1Up to 20 Cards in format of 5 X 3.
  2. 2Multi-denomination and payout to multi-pattern.
  3. 3Blackout (cover all) within the first 30 balls to win an extra 10,000X of the bet amount.
  4. 4Buy Extra Balls for a chance to win Jackpot.
  5. 5Buy Extra Balls to win Free Balls: randomly rewarded with the next Extra Ball free of charge.
  6. 6Buy Extra Balls to win Tai-Chi (Wild Ball): players choose the next best winning number of their choice.
  7. 7Extra awards given when players achieve different patterns at different number of balls.
  8. 8Adjustable game speed.
  9. 9Efficient Accounting system with accurate reports.

Drawing Machine : (D)740.68* (L)650 *(H)1846.06 mm
Power : 440W (220V X 2A)