Express Bingo Open Sesame

Machine Features

  1. 121.5" Full HD touch Screen.
  2. 2High fidelity Sound system, TITO (Ticket in/Ticket out) same as Casino operation.
  3. 3Certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).
  4. 4Adjustable signage: compatible with 42 or 55 inches TV screen

Game and System Features

  1. 1Up to 4 Cards in format of 5 X 3.
  2. 2Multi-denomination and payout to multi-pattern.
  3. 3Blackout (cover all) within the first 30 balls to hit Progressive Jackpot (Mega Bingo) of P100,000 and more.
  4. 4Buy Extra Balls to win Free Balls: randomly rewarded with the next Extra Ball free of charge.
  5. 5Buy Extra Balls to win Tai-Chi (Wild Ball): players choose the next best winning number of their choice.
  6. 6Buy Extra Balls for a chance to to win Jackpot (I Love Money).
  7. 7Achieve Blackout or Super Square to trigger Bonus Game and be rewarded with 8 rounds of free games which features:
  8. - Win up to 12000X of the bet amount.
  9. - Expending Ball feature: the middle row of the card
  10.    will be marked at the beginning of each round.
  11.    When a number is drawn that matches one of the
  12.    number from the middle row, it will expand to cover
  13.    the entire column. Each expansion will only last 
  14.    within a single round.
  15. 8Adjustable game speed.
  16. 9Efficient Accounting system with accurate reports.

Drawing Machine : (D)740.68* (L)650 *(H)1846.06 mm
Power : 440W (220V X 2A)