Express Bingo Jackpots

Jackpot compatible with the following two Express Bingo games:
  • Atlantas
  • Open Sesame

Mega Bingo Progressive Jackpot

  1. 1A Multi-linked Progressive Jackpot.
  2. 2Dynamic Jackpot prizes:
  3. - Total Bet Php4 for a chance to win more than
  4.    P10,000
  5. - Total Bet Php8 for a chance to win more than
  6.    P20,000
  7. - Total Bet Php12, 16 &20 for a chance to win
  8.    more than P100,000
  9. 3Achieve Bingo ( Block out or Cover All ) within the first 30 balls to hit the Mega Bingo.
  10. 4The contribution is only from the normal 30 Balls bet.

I Love Money Mystery Jackpot

  1. 1A Multi-linked Mystery Jackpot.
  2. 2The Heart Meter on the top left corner will accumulate once Extra Balls are purchased, and the game will proceed into Jackpot mini game when the meter turns gold.
  3. 3A waiting period of 30 seconds is given for players to join before the game proceeds into  Jackpot Mini Game; this allows multiple candidates to compete for the Jackpot.
  4. 4Once the participants enter the Jackpot mini game, a Cupid will appear to shoot arrows at 15 red hearts. Those hearts that are shot will turn gold. The first player to change all hearts gold will be the winner.
  5. 5Multi-winner is possible in the same Jackpot game; maximum of 3 players can be the winner.
  6. The contribution for this Jackpot is only from the Extra Balls bet.