Long Dragon Baccarat

The new and exciting “Long Dragon Baccarat” enables the operator to link up multiple baccarat games (up to 8 games) into a single terminal, which allows players to try their luck on different games without moving from one terminal to another. And as we all know, when a player stays on the same terminal for a longer period of time, profit increase.


  1. 1Play up to 8 different baccarat games at the same time.
  2. 2Multi betting system.
  3. 3Random Payout.
  4. 4Detailed game history.
  5. 5Multi-denomination.
  6. 6Enhanced interface.
  7. 7 LONG RUN indicator.(長龍提醒)
  8. 8Auto squeeze card on both main display and player terminals.
  9. 9Game speed can be configured to the operator’s preference.