Most accurate game play with fast-adjustable game speed. Increases efficiency and profitability as well as operation consistency.


  1. 1Pure mechanical shaking RNG.
  2. 2Traditional table games concept-"shaking, betting, then DOME opening."
  3. 3(same as Casino table process).
  4. 4Touch screen and large play buttons.
  5. 5Re-bet button.
  6. 6Multi-denomination.
  7. 7Truly fair crystal-clear dice (conform to international standards).
  8. 8Error Prevention - Motion detector.
  9. 9 Faster One Game Timing (52 sec).
  10. 10Detail Game History - 4 Roads (Big Road and PigRoad).
  11. 114" LCD monitor for live display.
  12. 12Multi-conditioned lighting function.
  13. 13Bill validator, TITO ready.
  14. 14GLI certified & SAS 6.0X compatible
  15. 15Extendable with Queen-series terminals.
Technical Data :(L)250* (W)250* (H)128 cm
Voltage:110/230VAC 50/60Hz 14/7A