Standing alone
Jan. 09, 2024

Taiwanese gaming supplier Jumbo Technology is aiming to grow its portfolio of standalone ETG products in 2024.

Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology will look to expand its standalone ETG portfolio in 2024 as it continues its aggres-sive push into the Asian market.

The company’s Regional Business Development Manager, Jerry Hu, told IAG that Jumbo has gained solid trac-tion in Macau and the Philippines by way of its latest- release ETG and slots products but is keen to add more variety into the market in the near future.

“The plan for Jumbo in 2024: we want to study more on standalone games for our ETGs,” Hu explained. “A lot of the brands [have products that] are very simple and they are not standalone. We want to create something more interesting and more competitive.

“We might have blackjack, we might have baccarat, we might have Pai Gow – we want to create something more for the ETG.”

While standalones are still in short supply across much of Asia, Jumbo is no stranger to innovation, having re-cently unveiled its latest augmented reality (AR) ETG product for roulette and baccarat.

“Augmented Reality with Videos Streaming Roulette”, featuring an interactive 27-inch screen on each termi-nal, is particularly interesting in the application of a Random Pay feature where players can choose between the standard 35-1 odds option or look to enhanced odds of either 71-1 or even 119-1. In the enhanced mode option, a handful of numbers are randomly chosen pre-spin to pay higher odds, with the remaining numbers paying a little less than usual at a minimum of 29-1. AR is used to track the spin and to highlight which num-bers on the wheel are offering enhanced odds.

The product is patented and currently live in Macau’s Mocha Clubs.

Also showing positive signs in the Macau market is Jumbo’s Long Yi Fa progressive link featuring unique ani-mations in both the base and feature games with the goal of providing more interactivity for players.

“The concept here is that usually when players play slot games they wait to win something big in the free games, but for the base game we have also created something interesting and worthwhile for them to play,” says Hu. “We put some animations in the base game to improve customer engagement.”

The Long Yi Fa progressive jackpot series game “Fortune Ram” also introduces new features by way of Ran-dom Wild and Mystery Pick, where players can enjoy high-scoring connections in both the base game and free games.

“Progressive links are still very popular in the market, and we have ours performing well in different markets including the Philippines,” says Hu.