Seoul Mate
Mar. 29, 2024

Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology is making waves in the South Korean market via its exciting new array of slot machine games and cabinets.

Jumbo Technology has made a striking debut in South Korea, where its latest gaming products have been extremely well received at leading casinos Mohegan INSPIRE, Paradise City, Paradise Walkerhill and Kangwon Land, the company has revealed. Jumbo’s strategic partnerships in Korea not only showcase its excellence in the global market but also highlight the quality of its products.

This year represents a pivotal moment for Jumbo’s entry into the South Korean market, led by two core products: the “D27” slot machine showcases standalone themes alongside jackpot link games, while the “P43” slot machine features themes linked to the Jin Fa Cai Jackpot. These machines boast captivating design and high-level performance, with the unique “Spin & Stack” game feature resonating well with players and therefore making them an attractive choice for operators.

Three standalone games in “King Arthur: Golden Edition”, “Dragon Fortune” and “Lucky Lion” – all integrated with the D-27 slot machine – have generated enthusiastic responses at Korea’s Kangwon Land. These local players appreciate the machine’s luxurious design and 27-inch high-resolution dual screens as well as the excitement and anticipation generated by standalone games. This success reflects Jumbo Technology’s significant potential in both local and global markets.

In 2024, Jumbo will unveil a range of exciting new products including the Bao Ni Fa jackpot, now upgraded to the Bao Ni Fa Grand Jackpot Link on the P-43 slot machine. With enhanced visual appeal, this series promises an elevated gaming experience, with special jackpot designs offering the chance to win multiple grand prizes. The D-27 slot machine introduces the flash series Long Jin Bao Jackpot Link, featuring two games: “Imperial Legend” and “Monkey King”. Players have the chance to trigger jackpots when the golden thumb symbol appears.

Additionally, “Jin Chan Fa Fa” is integrated with the “Long Yi Fa” Jackpot Link, allowing players to enjoy new features like reel-locking in both base and free games, enhancing the possibility of winning. These special game mechanics heighten players’ anticipation for big wins, offering an exhilarating and engaging gaming experience.

Jumbo Technology has achieved considerable success in the Asian market, having initiated an ESG program aimed at creating better work environments, focusing on three vital areas: Environmental protection, Social responsibility, and Governance.

In terms of environmental protection and social responsibility, Jumbo strives to address both direct and potential impacts by aiding disadvantaged communities through material donations, food sharing and improving living situations. Internally, Jumbo also recognizes the importance of educating employees on reducing paper waste, exploring sustainable material alternatives and implementing proper recycling methods.

Employee welfare is crucial, with activities promoting physical and mental well-being, including club activities, annual health check-ups and gender equality assurances. Jumbo offers on-the-job training programs and tuition assistance for employees and their children to enhance their competencies and knowledge.

As a result, Jumbo is not only expanding its talent pool, driving innovation and enhancing supply chain management to promote inclusive and sustainable development but also pursuing ISO international certification and implementing its ESG program to create healthier environments. Through these efforts, Jumbo aims to make a positive impact on society and contribute to the long-term well-being of the planet.

Jumbo Technology is looking to shape the future of gaming as a partner in innovation and excellence.