Living Color
May. 02, 2024

Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology will showcase its exciting new J-Multi automated Color Game – an innovative version of the popular Philippines game – at G2E Asia.

Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology has caught the eye with the release of its J-Multi automated Color Game, which integrates the traditional Philippine “Color Game” into its popular game series.

This innovative product is quickly garnering acclaim, offering players a simple and straightforward gameplay experience with a clear and easy-to-use interface design. It is particularly exciting for the Philippine markets,With anticipation surrounding its upcoming debut at Okada Manila.

The game utilizes three 6-color dice for gameplay, enabling players to bet on the combination results of the three dice. Color Game has long been popular among Filipino players for its fast-paced and entertaining gameplay.

As a pioneering gaming machine supplier, Jumbo Technology has enhanced the Color Game experience by introducing it through J-Multi and integrating two unique reward features: RANDOM PAY and the Long Dragon Jackpot. After players stop betting, there is a chance for random multipliers to appear in the bet areas through RANDOM PAY, offering players the opportunity to win additional high bonuses.

Players can also randomly trigger the Long Dragon Jackpot while winning a jackpot, earning further bonuses beyond their initial winnings. An exciting new side bet feature is set to launch, offering a variety of combinations for players to choose from and providing greater flexibility in their selections. By intelligently integrating diverse and innovative elements into traditional games, Jumbo Technology has successfully breathed new life into the Color Game, providing a more enriching gaming experience.

This is despite the company noting some challenges during the early stages of development for the automated Color Game.

“We put a lot of effort into incorporating the traditional Color Game with J-Multi, but we also worried that the market might not accept the new look of this traditional game,” said Ethan Lai, Associate Vice President of Jumbo Technology.

Fortunately, all concerns were swept away upon the game’s release. At the time of its launch, major casinos across the Philippines have expressed interest, particularly in the Okada Manila. With the concerted efforts of both parties, players will be able to enjoy Jumbo’s automated Color Game at this venue when it opens in late May.

The Color Game has also garnered keen interest from various markets in Asia. Jumbo said it is optimistic that players worldwide will enjoy the captivating charm of this game.

For those eager to experience the automated Color Game, Jumbo will be showcasing it at G2E Asia, the international gaming trade show and conference to be held at The Venetian Macao from 4 to 6 June 2024.

The J-Multi series not only showcases the automated Color Game but will also unveil the never-before-seen BLACKJACK, where players can enjoy the game alongside captivating live dealers, ensuring both gameplay and visual enjoyment.

Furthermore, Jumbo Technology will introduce new slot machine products, featuring the popular flagship Jackpot game “Bao Ni Fa Jackpot”, now upgraded to the “Bao Ni Fa Grand Jackpot Link” on the P-43 slot machine.

“Jin Chan Fa Fa” from the “Long Yi Fa” Jackpot Link and the keenly awaited new jackpot series “Long Jin Bao Jackpot Link” will also be showcased at G2E Asia.

Players and industry partners are welcome to meet with the Jumbo Technology team at Booth A818!