Innovation and Sustainability
Jul. 01, 2024

Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology reflects on a successful G2E Asia in which the company unveiled a raft of new and exciting innovations for Asian gaming operators.

The 2024 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia marked a pivotal return to Macau, re-establishing itself as the premier international gaming trade show and conference for the Asian gaming industry. This year’s event, the first major gathering post-pandemic, stood as a beacon of innovation, bringing together industry leaders and showcasing the latest advancements.

Jumbo Technology, one of the largest gaming suppliers in Taiwan, has consistently provided top-tier gaming solutions across Asia. This year, Jumbo impressed once again with a stunning array of new products making their debut. The company’s booth, with its spectacular design, captivated and left a lasting impression on visitors.

One of the standout features of this year’s exhibition was the introduction of the jackpot slot game Long Jin Bao. This game breaks from traditional mechanics, presenting a playful and charming art style that quickly became a highlight of the expo. Visitors praised its easy-to-link wild symbols and the chance to trigger random jackpot games, which can lead to significant winnings. The game’s unique feature, Jin Bao Shang, allows players to accumulate points with silver ingots and take advantage of the gold ingots’ replication function. This innovative feature fills gaps with replicated ingots, potentially earning multiple rewards and providing more chances to achieve 15 ingots to win the ultimate jackpot!

The highly anticipated new innovation of the classic jackpot series game Long Yi Fa Jackpot, named Jin Chan Fa Fa, also made its debut at G2E Asia. Building on its established jackpot features, players can collect dragon balls to trigger the “Rising Dragon” free games, with 15 dragon balls leading to a jackpot win. Additionally, the game features locked wild and re-spin mechanics, enhancing the thrill of aiming for grand prizes.

Another highlight, the Bao Ni Fa Grand, features a 43-inch screen providing a rich and diverse audio-visual experience. This game continues the innovative “Power Up” feature and introduces a “Lucky Money” mechanic in its jackpot game, adding a unique twist to the gameplay. Both classic jackpot series games retain their charm while incorporating new mechanics aimed at captivating players.

Another major attraction at the exhibition was Jumbo’s “Color Game” on the S-27 electronic table game. Visitors were thrilled by the cutting-edge technology integrated into this traditional game, remarking on how the simple, fast-paced gameplay provides an unexpectedly engaging experience. Additionally, the never-before-seen “Blackjack” game attracted significant attention from international buyers. This game offers players an immersive experience with a virtual dealer and the exciting RANDOM PAY feature.

Jumbo’s eye-catching booth design sparked widespread discussion by combining sustainable environmental factors. From logo lightboxes to building materials and furnishings, resources were reused to minimize environmental impact. Jumbo’s gift boxes also featured eco-friendly packaging and sustainable water bottles, reinforcing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and inviting industry partners to join in this green initiative.

Jumbo Technology’s impressive showcase left a lasting impression on attendees. In an interview, Vice President Ethan Lai expressed gratitude towards the organizers for providing a high-quality platform that brought together industry leaders to strive for excellence and progress. He emphasized Jumbo’s continued dedication to technological research and innovation, promising to deliver unique and high-quality products to the gaming industry.

As G2E Asia 2024 concluded, it was clear that Jumbo Technology’s participation set new benchmarks in innovation and sustainability. The company’s commitment to providing unparalleled gaming experiences and its proactive approach to environmental responsibility position Jumbo as a leader in the gaming industry.

For those eager to explore next-generation gaming solutions, Jumbo’s booth at G2E Asia was a must-visit destination, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming.

Innovation and Sustainability