Jumbo cruising into Cambodia
Apr. 02, 2021

Jumbo has completed the first Cambodian installations of its exciting new “Fortune Cruise” game on the ARK-65 cabinet.

Six-seater electronic fishing game “Fortune Cruise” is Jumbo’s latest and finest innovation. This exciting new product, available on the ARK-65 cabinet, is now live in Cambodia where it has flourished during the first few months of 2021 despite the influence of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy and the subsequent cancellation of industry trade shows.

“Fortune Cruise” is on the gaming floors of NagaWorld in the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh and at DNA Star Vegas in Poipet where it is proving extremely successful in capturing the attention of players.

In “Fortune Cruise” players can experience and explore the dangers and delights of the undersea world via numerous eye-catching features. For instance, a player can receive free ammo when he or she hits the “Dragon King Bazooka.” When a player hits the “Dragon King Treasure”, a treasure ship will sail onto the screen and capture various types of fish.

This game also includes the dream-like legendary mermaid character. When a player is shooting at fish, the Purple Mermaid will sometimes appear – bringing higher rewards with her.

The brand new ARK-65 cabinet focuses on user experience with its inherent efficacy and aesthetic craftsmanship. The LED lights situated around the gaming cabinet and the loudspeakers in each of its four corners provide an animated lighting show effect that shapes the highly recognizable design. The gaming cabinet completely integrates Jumbo’s patented technology, fashionable design and high quality. The black-gold outer appearance portrays a contrasting aesthetic. It is a visual feast for the eyes that adds to the overall gaming experience for players.

“In introducing the ARK-65 and six-seater electronic fishing game ‘Fortune Cruise’ to Cambodia, Jumbo continues to unveil new games and products to expand our reach globally,” a Jumbo representative said. “We believe Jumbo will continue to turn a new page for the gaming industry, despite the global pandemic.”

Jumbo cruising into Cambodia
Jumbo has completed the first Cambodian installations of its exciting new “Fortune Cruise” game on the ARK-65 cabinet. ...Continue reading