Flight of the Phoenix
Feb. 26, 2022

Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology recently launched its multiplayer fishing game, “Ocean Phoenix”, into the US market.

Although the global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the gaming industry, many companies are still striving to actively transform their businesses in the hope of breaking out of the current situation.

Last year, Taiwan-based Jumbo Technology partnered with US-based Gaming Arts to debut Jumbo’s ARK-65 six-seater multiplayer fishing game at G2E in Las Vegas. This marks a significant milestone for Jumbo in introducing its products to the North American market.

The new game attracted plenty of interest and resulted in a number of inquiries. This February, coinciding with Chinese New Year, the “Ocean Phoenix” fishing game was officially launched in the US thanks to the joint efforts of Jumbo and Gaming Arts.

Together, the two companies have written a new page in history for the marketing of fishing games in North America with a GLI-certified electronic fishing machine appearing in a major US casino for the first time.

To increase the exposure of fishing games in the North American market, Jumbo and Gaming Arts partnered with a casino in California to plan a series of themed events. Apart from the ribbon-cutting ceremony held on its first day of operation, the casino and the two companies brought a real-life “Elegant Mermaid” from the “Ocean Phoenix” fishing game to life via two staff members dressed as a merman and a mermaid. The casino also sold special “Ocean Series” drinks during the event while some casino members saw their membership cards randomly credited with different amounts of Match Play, allowing them to experience the excitement and fun of the game’s underwater world.

In “Ocean Phoenix”, players can immerse themselves in the stunning sounds and lighting effects while enjoying the visual imagery of the phoenix soaring through the universe. The game has proved popular in the casino since its launch.

Allen Hsu, Vice President of the Jumbo Interactive Department, said, “We are honored to work with Gaming Arts to bring Jumbo’s products to the North American market. ‘Ocean Phoenix’ is a very entertaining and unique game.

“We look forward to receiving more positive feedback from our players in the future.”

Jumbo said it expects “Ocean Phoenix” to perform well in the US in 2022, helping inject new energy into the gaming industry.

Flight of the Phoenix
Taiwan’s Jumbo Technology recently launched its multiplayer fishing game, “Ocean Phoenix”, into the US market. ...Continue reading