Power Fortune Video Slot Game Officially Debuts in North American Online Entertainment Market
Oct. 17, 2023
Jumbo Technology continues its streak of innovation in the North American online entertainment market, and its latest video slot game, the Power Fortune, has now made its debut in Michigan on the renowned online gaming platforms, BetRivers, by Rushstreet. This significant achievement marks a crucial milestone, made possible through the unwavering support of their strategic partner in the United States, ODDSWorks.
Jumbo Technology has always upheld the spirit of innovation and excellence, dedicating itself to developing high-quality games and continuously pursuing technological innovation to enhance customer satisfaction. The game "Power Fortune" has performed impressively in the physical gambling market in both the Philippines and Cambodia, and this "Bao Ni Fa" jackpot link can be seen in numerous casinos, garnering significant popularity among Southeast Asian players. Jumbo Technology aims to bring this exceptional gaming experience to North American players, introducing Asian traditional elements such as dragons, the Cai Shen, lion dances, and more into the North American online entertainment market. The company is looking forward to providing a completely new gaming experience and collaborating with partners to create a bright future together.
This year, Jumbo Technology has achieved several pivotal milestones, with two of its games now officially available in the American online entertainment market. Their unyielding efforts to expand their influence will continue. Allen, Vice President of Jumbo Technology, stated, "We plan to visit our partner ODDSWorks in the United States in October to discuss how we can further expand our market presence. We look forward to Jumbo Technology's games continuing to excel in the North American online entertainment market.