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Dragon King

•World's first GLI-certified fishing games with SAS protocol and casino management system compatibility. 
•First multi-game & multi-table fishing game in an independent terminal, and also the first to feature bonus games. 
• One game up to 96 tables.
• One room can play up to 4 players.
• For each room, operator can adjust denomination, as well as the minimum and maximum bet. 
• Also available in single game and single room. 

•Different creatures/symbols have different payouts; the larger the creature such as dragon and mermaid have bigger payouts.
•Hold joystick down to target high-payout creatures and bonus symbols like Dragon Bazooka, Dragon Ball, and Gold Ingot. 
•Successful hit on the Gold Ingot will activate bonus game and players can win payout up to 4,896X.
Game Screen
Compatible Cabinet
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