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J-Multi Roulette

• Virtual Roulette
- Red bars on the virtual roulette wheel represent the player’s bet amount.
- Random Payouts are also identified on the wheel when betting time ends.
 - Attractive pop-up animation is displayed when above average quantities of
   random payout occurs.
•  Three payout modes: Normal Pay and two different Random Pay.
•  Random payout up to 119X.
•  Long Dragon™ Jackpot.
•  Detailed Random pay history record.
•  History for past 200 games.
• "Possible Wins" displays possible win amount.
• "My Bet" enables players to preview and load up to three different bets.
• "History Bet" enables players to search and save previous bets.
•  Winning streak reminder on the table color icons.
•  Set the minimum bet by each table or each terminal via the backend server.
Game Screen
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